Share Bonus

The SLC Agrícola’s (“Company”) Annual ExtraordinaryMeeting held on 04/27/2023, approved the share bonus, at the rate of 10% (ten percent), which corresponded to the issue of 21,242,259 new common shares, with the issue of 1 (one) new common share for each 10 (ten) common shares existing on the base date 05/08/2023, with unit attributed cost of R$25.89.

The new shares are distributed free of charge to shareholders, in an amount equivalent to their shareholding in the Company and the aforementioned ratio mentioned above, which will be fully entitled to the rights that may be assigned from the date of the Meeting (AEM) and credited to the shareholders’ positions on 05/10/2023. The shares issued by the Company started to be traded “ex-right” to the bonus, on 05/09/2023.


Last updated on May 17, 2023.